Shawls & Clutches

A touch of femininity and sophistication go a long way. Style up with our one of a kind shawls and clutches and transform your look instantly! Even if it is a black dress or tees and jeans. 

You'll never have to worry about cookie-cutter styles because our fabric sources are exquisite and carefully sourced.  

Shawls & Clutches
48 results
Lucia obi clutch - golden bamboo
Lucia obi clutch - royal blue
Lucia clutch - floral print
Lucia clutch - elegant gold
Lucia obi clutch - gold crysanthemum
Lucia clutch - orange crysanthemum
Obi clutch 3
Obi clutch 3
Lucia clutch - black crysanthemum
Obi Clutch
Obi Clutch
Diana silk shawl - petals
Diana silk shawl - gray
Diana silk shawl - pale pink
Diana silk shawl - acid green
Diana silk shawl - iridescent
Diana silk shawl - blue
Diana silk shawl - earthy
Diana silk shawl - pink
Diana silk shawl - turquoise
Diana silk shawl - shibori
Diana silk shawl - burgundy
Diana silk shawl - floral
Diana silk shawl - marine blue
Thea shawl - seven jewels shibori
Thea shawl - red shibori
Thea shawl - shibori
Mobius infinity scarf - swirling
Mobius infinity scarf - green
Mobius infinity scarf - orange
Mobius infinity scarf - lilac
Mobius infinity scarf - chrysanthemum
Mobius infinity scarf - sky
Mobius round shawl - bright shibori
Mobius round shawl - sakura shibori
Mobius round shawl - floral print
Mobius round shawl - shibori
Thea shawl - monochrome shibori
48 results
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