Ayano is a classic Japanese knot purse that is carried over the wrist, you form the wrist handle whilst simultaneously closing the purse opening by looping the long part of the handle through the shorter handle. We've sourced for the most interesting patterns and fabrics to give our version of the knot purse an elegant and classy feel. Each knot purse is lined with Thai silk. 


  • Code : JFP010
  • Dimension : Height 38cm x width 23cm
  • Dry clean only 
  • Main colors : Red, gold 


    * Please note that due to the nature of the vintage fabric used in our products, this means that some fabrics will display slight signs of wear and patina that comes naturally with its age. However, we can assure you that care has been taken to select the best and most pristine vintage fabrics we can find for our products.

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