Costanza is a Karinui lightly basted for potential clients to try for fit in order to tailor their Kimono or Haori jackets. These garments also help clients visualise how the beautiful garments would look on them once completed. As such these beautifully handcrafted garments were not meant to be sold as they were regarded as unfinished. Due to its lightly worn past, these garments are often found in good condition. Costanza will expand into a Haori after it is steam ironed. This particular piece was dyed in full shibori, a truly luxurious and elegant garment that we feel can be appreciated as works of art. 


  • Code : SHO42
  • Dimension : Sleeve to sleeve : 78, width: 40, length : 46cm
  • Type : Karinui (for Haori)
  • Condition : Very good
  • Fabric : Silk
  • Dry clean only
  • Main colors : Vermillion hue 


    * Please note that this item is a used vintage garment, hence signs of age and slight imperfections are to be expected. We do our best to describe the condition of the garment and any flaws accurately. We can assure you that we source for and select the best and most beautiful vintage garments for you.

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