Mobius infinity scarf - lilac


This multi-paneled scarf is inspired by the Mobius strip, a mathematical property of being non-orientable and hence very versatile. Each scarf is intricately constructed with silk fabric and vintage Japanese textile. A lightweight, comfortable and stylish accessory. The fabric is hand sourced and carefully combined to complement and highlight the vintage Japanese textile. We take great pleasure in matching and piecing together this unique item and hope you would enjoy it as much as we do in creating it.  


  • Code : TRS028
  • Dimension : 46 x 64cm
  • Dry clean only
  • Main colors: Cerulean blue, silver grey, orange, beige


    * Please note that the nature of the vintage fabric used in our products mean that some fabrics will display slight signs of wear and patina that comes naturally with its age. However, we can assure you that care has been taken to select the best and most pristine vintage fabrics we can find for our products.

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