Thea is a scarf made from a single piece of vintage Japanese fabric lined with Thai silk. A simple and elegant design that place emphasis on the inherent qualities of the vintage textile that we've utilized. Thea is lightweight and wears comfortably around your neck, some of the vintage fabrics we've used in this scarf are dyed utilising the Shibori technique and these fabrics exhibit a unique tactile feel due to its raised puckered creases. Extra care is recommended when washing these delicate fabrics.


  • Code : RS016
  • Dimension : 32 x 52cm
  • Dry clean only
  • Main colors: Royal blue, red-orange


    * Please note that due to the nature of the vintage fabric used in our products, this means that some fabrics will display slight signs of wear and patina that comes naturally with its age. However, we can assure you that care has been taken to select the best and most pristine vintage fabrics we can find for our products.


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