Thought with comfort and style in mind, our accessories are easy to layer or combine together for a graphically strong look
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Arrow clutch bag
Arrow clutch bag - purple
Ayano knot purse - brown
Ayano knot purse - orange
Ayano knot purse - red
Hana bento bag - blue linen
Hana bento bag - blue linen
Hana bento bag - linen
Hana maxi bento bag - green linen
Hikari tote bag - natural linen
Indian silver bangle
Indian tribal necklace
Keiko tote bag - silk patches
Kimi tote bag - elegant linen
Lucia clutch - orange crysanthemum
Lucia obi clutch - gold crysanthemum
Lucia obi clutch - golden bamboo
Lucia obi clutch - royal blue
Maru maxi tote - natural linen
Sho baseball cap - turquoise
Silver anklet
Silver anklet
780 SGD
Silver cuff bangles
Silver cuff bracelet
Silver tribal bracelet
Takumi bow tie
Takumi bow tie
Takumi bow tie
Tomoko tote bag - linen
Vintage silver anklet
Vintage silver bangle
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