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The Brand

Driven by our passion for vintage textiles, Japanese culture, and design, we aim to create exquisite pieces of garments and accessories by transforming traditional textiles into signature pieces for the modern lifestyle.

DGA Threads Bespoke Wearable Art Creations Individual Piece

Bespoke Wearable Art

We never make a second piece. We value each of our creations as individual art pieces. Ours to create, and yours to own.

Attention to Details

Every piece was made with meticulous craftsmanship. Every design held deep meaning. Every piece is a masterpiece. No thread is misplaced.

Mottainai Fabric Regret to Wastage Japanese Cultural Tradition Resources

Mottainai, もったいない

Our design philosophy is rooted in the Japanese cultural tradition of 'Mottainai', which conveys a sense of regret to wastage and respect for resources.

Where The Magic Happens

by Pino De Giosa, Founder& Designer of DGA Threads